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My Best Friends

I have 2 best friends; they have been accompanying me for years.

We are best friends, but there is something that I am scared to tell them. Not much, but there are some. Reason is not afraid of one day they will tell the secret to others, but scare scolded. Yes, best friends, they will scold me, because we are best friends. 

And I just want to share some short stories of us here…

Yoyo, I knew her since 8 years old, both of us wrote each other’s name in friends' 个人资料 books at 8 and 9 years old. But, actually we can't remember how good we were at 8 and 9 years old. In our impression, we started become very good when we were 10 years old. It was because of I got punished by teacher of not listening to class, teacher asked me to move my seat, sitting beside teacher's table. Ya, this is me. And this caused her to come to my table often, so that she can read from the whiteboard easily, as it is nearer compared to her seat.

Carol? Yoyo and I hate her sooo much when we were 12 years old! Because she was teacher’s daughter and she was the monitor of the class. But 3 of us cannot remember why, Carol did asked Yoyo and I to help her to pass love letters to a guy from other class. Maybe we are fake enough and act like didn’t hate her? Possible~ Yoyo and I were bad enough, we always curi read those letters before pass to that guy. XD *I can’t stop laughing when I’m typing this!* One day Carol 抄名 and wrote my name in the whiteboard, I told her that she spelt it wrongly, it is “Suang” instead of “Shuang”, wow she was so persist to tell me she is right! I really felt like want to slap her at the moment!! Tan Carol, I will remember this forever and ever anddd ever.. After that there is a longggg journey for us to become good.. best friends. Long story, and I’m not gonna continue it here.


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