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No Internet during CNY

Chinese New Year, I went back to hometown, it's my mom's hometown, Bahau, at a little corner of Negeri Sembilan. Bahau is not bored, for me, as long as I can online, it will always okay for me.

However, my grandparents' house is in a super good 风水 location, which is a lesser radioactive location, because the network cannot reach the house. So, I did not have Wifi nor data plan in that house, not even call anyone unless I walk out from the house.

I realize that we really cannot survive without internet. Internet is something like the second air in my world. We won't move to other place because of water ration, but we wish to move to another place due to the hunger of internet.

This is good chance for everyone to chitchat with each other, or watch tv together and have the same topic after that. (Although I don't see much chitchat without internet)

From this photo, in this era, 2015, you still see no one is playing with their phone here (Except me, because I used my…



刚刚看到这个,有所感触。以前我真的什么都写出来,看回去,东西都还蛮 detail 的!
现在很多 social media 可以代替这个了,例如 Instagram。当然,Instagram 没有日期,没有 details 没有很多照片,没有故事。通过 Instagram,大家都是看图说故事。
我的 Instagram 是 link 去 Facebook 的,很多东西家人都会看到,所以也有很多东西不可以乱 post 了。我知道可以 restrict,但是 restrict 的话,就干脆不 post 好了~ *当然有一些还是会去 restrict*
跟以前不一样的是,我不会想要那么多 attention 了。想分享的,想批评的,想问的,想说的,只会在特定的 messenger chat 里面分享。我要的回应,就只是来自他们就够了,而不是大众了。