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什么话会给你留下深刻的印象? 批评的话还是赞美的话? 还是骂你的话?
我记得小的时候, 我跟很多被宠坏的弟弟妹妹一样, 很喜欢说 “我跟妈咪讲!” 什么都说我跟妈咪讲。
有一天姐姐骂我说: “跟妈咪讲跟妈咪讲,什么都妈咪,以后你做错事坐牢你叫妈咪坐啦!” 不知道几岁听到这句的,记到现在。
之前有一个朋友跟我说过, 你对每一个人很好, 人家不一定要接受的, 你有没有想过人家要不要和接受不接受你的好?
当时不把这句话当一回事, 直到有类似的事情发生, 这句话就会马上浮现在脑海里。 很容易想到的, 因为这件事发生在跟我讲这句话的人。
也对,其实我真的没有想过。 而我只会一直埋怨别人, 问自己为什么。 问为什么我对你那么好, 为什么你会这样对我, 为什么你都不意识到~
当然,人家即使对你不好, 你也要做好自己,也要善良一点。 也凡是不要太介意。

Singapore Trip February 2015

This was the first time I travel with a guy, the handsome KS Wong, in February 2015.

We went to Singapore, why Singapore? Because both of us never been there and we always think we should go there...
I planned to chill there but we were travel like a tourist, went to all those tourist locations, and felt TIRED everyday! 
So... Next time I want to just relax if I go there again..
We fly to Singapore by Malindo Air, cheaper than AirAsia and baggage were included! And we stayed in Big Hotel in Bugis, room is small but nice hotel. The room is clean and cozy, the lights can remote by tablet, and the room comes with a full body big mirror! <3 

First day, we went to Orchard Road, walk in the shopping mall, and the road... I guess we just did not find the right place?? Because I saw nothing special over there.. Or I just did not have much money to shop?
Then, we went to Marina Bay Sands and visit the Merlion. The Marina Bay Sands buildings look beautiful at night, but when standing near t…