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Singapore Trip February 2015

This was the first time I travel with a guy, the handsome KS Wong, in February 2015.

We went to Singapore, why Singapore? Because both of us never been there and we always think we should go there...

I planned to chill there but we were travel like a tourist, went to all those tourist locations, and felt TIRED everyday! 

So... Next time I want to just relax if I go there again..

We fly to Singapore by Malindo Air, cheaper than AirAsia and baggage were included! And we stayed in Big Hotel in Bugis, room is small but nice hotel. The room is clean and cozy, the lights can remote by tablet, and the room comes with a full body big mirror! <3 

First day, we went to Orchard Road, walk in the shopping mall, and the road... I guess we just did not find the right place?? Because I saw nothing special over there.. Or I just did not have much money to shop?

Then, we went to Marina Bay Sands and visit the Merlion. The Marina Bay Sands buildings look beautiful at night, but when standing near to it, it looks so normal in the day time... I'm sorry to say so. 

Second day, yay! We went to Universal Studio. Both of us were excited before go there. We bought express pass because we didn't want to queue up and wanted to walk in like a bosss~~! But the stream was lesser than I expected. If I don't play those games few times, I will feel buying express pass is a waste.

Battleship roller coaster is closed! The most we wanted to play....So disappointed. Besides, my friends told me some of the games like 4D Transformer worth to play many times, but we felt nothing special already after we played it for the second time... Well, maybe just both of us lack of enthusiasm to play in a theme park. But walk around is good, we enjoyed taking photos... 

At night, we went to the last station, played the Skyline Luge. Hahaha I feel this is much better than the games in USS.. Quite worth to play. 

Third day, Singapore Zoo. Traveled about 1 hour plus to the Zoo, was very hot on that day! I felt very "guk" in the zoo. Maybe it's like in the forest area, the air made me felt headache... But still, we were able to visit most of the animals. ^^ 

At night, we went to Garden by The Bay. We did not go up to the bridge, because KS has acrophobia. There is a show at 7:45pm and 8:45pm, I forgot which time we stayed for. Laying down on the seat, looking up to the "Garden". The feeling was so amazing and we enjoyed it so much. 15 minutes is so short to enjoy the show~

After watching the show in Garden by the Bay, we went for the movie "Fifty Shades of Grey" because it did not show in Malaysia. I would rather say it is a romance and love story movie than a sex movie. *Feel annoyed when people insist saying it is a sex movie and telling me "yer..."*

Day four, after brunch, we head to airport and go home.

If you say travel, Singapore has nothing much special for me as a Malaysian because most of the culture, food, building, people are the same. But, you can see the MRT over there is much much better and so convenient. Singapore is a place that I will go there again soon, to relax.


  1. Wah!!! First time travel with a guy o???? First time 😱😱
    我好想去MBS 最顶楼那个游泳池游泳

  2. wah, 好甜蜜哦。 (shy)


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去年12月去泰国丽贝岛 Koh Lipe,人家用了很简单的方法去那边,而我们就很白痴的用了一个很花时间的方法去这个岛。
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Langkawi 有两个码头可以去Koh Lipe,一个是从Kuah 码头,另外一个是Pearl Habour码头。价钱差不多,Pearl Habour 是RM230 来回。
我们Kedah到Langkawi Kuah 码头,原本可以直接从这个码头去Koh Lipe的,可惜我买的是 Pearl Habour码头,Kuah 去 Pearl Habour 车程大概要一个小时……没有什么大问题的,难是难在我们要在Kuah租车,但是需要在Pearl Habour还车,很多车都不肯租因为他们觉得Kuah去Pearl Habour很远。幸亏到最后我们还是租到一个Kancil 仔,不过就贵一点点,RM120一天,当时我们也没办法了。不过如果我们是搭飞机的话,租车去 Pearl Habour 就没有那么大问题了,因为比较近一些。
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因为驾车也用了很久时间,大家都累了,没做什么事情就休息了。另外一天就出发去 Koh Lipe。要坐大概30分钟的speed boat, 去到那边看到海的颜色,就很兴奋了!因为真的很清澈,很美~!我本人是比较少去海边的,最上一次是长滩岛,相比之下,Koh Lipe的海水比较干净,因为没有什么船,没有那么多人。

由于我们很迟才定酒店,没有什么酒店给我们定了,我们也不喜欢太便宜太简陋的,所以就选了 Bella Vista 酒店,RM550 一晚,Koh Lipe是没有什么东西玩,我们吃吃喝喝一天出海,几天按摩,轻轻松松几天就过去了。