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Travel to Bali with Family 2015

I went to Bali with my family end of June 2015. KS first time travel with my family, I guess he should not used my family travelling style. Because my family travel style is "hea", which KS is not those type, even for me also not really can accept it. We stayed in a nice Villa, 3 rooms with a private pool, around RM 760 per day.

We did not go through all the tourist location because we did not have enough time, but still we manage to go some of the popular tourist places.

The deepest impression I got from Bali is that: Massage is cheap and comfortable. We went to massage almost every night. I guess I would not go to massage again i I stay one more day there.

We went to water rafting in the third day. They have few level of rafting, I'm not sure we went for which level, but I can say ours are very relax level. Two hours, we did not really need to use much energy... And the best thing was the weather was very good on that day.

I have made a video of our water rafting moment. The video was taken by SJ4000 sport camera.

After water rafting, we went to Kuta Beach. To be honest, I went to Boracay before, I would think Bali beach is so so jek...

We didn't play water, because everyone is 千金大小姐,怕晒怕麻烦. So we just walk around the beach and had our seafood dinner over there.

During our dinner time, there was an incident happened. A little girl lost her parents, she cried so loud and so long, but nobody come to pick her up. Personally think that her parents are very 过分, how can they lost their child like that? Sigh... my mom lost me before when I was young.. -.-

We ate seafood dinner, portion was big, and the price was reasonable. And we have another incident when we were paying the bill. The waiter gave us a bill with around RM150, we thought that it was so cheap! But after that the waiter gave us another hand-written bill, he said the cashier missed out the items when he was keying the food in the POS system. The hand-written bill was about RM150 as well, and he said we cannot use credit card. Hello! It's so obvious that you want to 吃钱 la... Then we requested them to give us the corrected print bill, because we did not want to let him do like that... End up we need to pay more.. but it was a bit more only.. -.-

Here's some photos:

And a short short instavideo here: CLICK ME ~~ Aww.. I'm feeling loved again when I watch it one more time.. *shy*


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