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Start to Appreciate with Things We Have

We hate people stretch their hand out and get money from us. They are beggar. We don't like them, why would we need to give them money when they didn't spend any effort on anything? We would think they have hands and legs, why don't they get a job and not be a beggar?

They are homeless, they are not educated, they don't have the thinking like us who are educated. They see beggar get money without doing anything, they follow, that's what they can do...

Nobody encourage them to get a job, they are just desperate. The women walk on the street, carrying a baby, and ask for money. The guys act like helping you to grab a taxi, and get money from you, he said he helped you... Well, I called Grab or Uber.. Some of the kids even use the knife to threaten you.. They see people do like this and get money, they followed. This is what they were educated.

My boyfriend went to mountain biking, he told me a kid could ask for the bicycle, the kid said, he saw another kid asked for…